Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Social/Emotional Learning

The Effects of Being Kind Based on Research
With so many reminders about being kind recently in commercials, movies like Wonder, and other places.  We thought it may be a good time to discuss some of the other benefits of being kind to help encourage others to make this a general practice throughout the year.  Whether you increase your kindness toward yourself, others, the environment, or the nation, we hope everyone enjoys all of the benefits kindness brings to the community.

Below are some of the additional benefits of being kind based on research with the link to the article:

  • It is in our human-nature to be kind - so it helps us feel like ourselves when we act kindly toward others
  • We can create and reinforce neural pathways when we are kind which increases our positive feelings
  • Those who regularly offered kindness to others had a lower risk of death
  • Kindness spreads - observing an act of kindness encourages one to engage in similar acts
  • Practicing kindness and gratitude increases one’s level of happiness

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