Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Summer Boredom - It’s OK!

Summer Boredom - It’s OK!

Are you worried about your child being bored this summer?  Frantically trying to sign him or her up for every possible camp, class and activity?  No need! Child psychologists and experts suggest over-scheduling kids during the summer is not needed and could ultimately keep them from discovering their true interests! Boredom is necessary for developing “internal stimuli” which allows for true creativity.  At the beginning of summer, sit down with your child and create a list of everything they may enjoy doing - from playing a board game, to painting rocks, going on a bike ride or creating a menu and cooking a fancy dinner.  If they tell you they are bored, tell them to go and look at their list.  It puts the onus on them to decide how to spend their time.  And if they mope around a bit, that is OK! It is not wasted time - they are developing their self-reliance.

Parenting can be hard!! So many questions!
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