Thursday, February 9, 2017


Mathematicians:  follow these mathematical practices!

I took a SELFIE…

Showed my work
Explained my answers
Lots of math vocabulary used
Found multiple solutions
I persevered through the problem
Eliminated careless errors

Besides the content standards, there are mathematical practice standards that students are working to master.  Taking a “selfie” will help with that mastery.  


Writing is an essential skill and habit.  It is more than just putting words on paper. Writing is a process of communication that plays an important role in your child’s life—both in and out of the classroom. You, as parents, can make a big difference in helping your child develop writing skills by encouraging writing activities that are simple and fun.  Listed below are activities that you, as parents, can do with your child to help him/her learn to write well and enjoy doing it.

Resource: Put it to Paper: Tips for Parents to Improve a Child’s Writing Skills by Audrey W. Prince, M. Ed.    

·         Thank you notes
·         Journal/diary
·         Blog
·         Letters to Santa, Tooth Fairy, and/or Easter Bunny
·         Pen-pal letters (relative or friend)
·         Postcards
·         Madlibs
·         Grocery list
·         Recipes
·         Menu
·         Invitations
·         Science experiment (write about the process and the results)
·         Place cards for dinner parties
·         Plan parties
·         Babysitting activities
·         To do list
·         Instructions
·         Script for youtube video
·         Movie/book review
·         Magazine article
·         Scavenger hunt with clues
·         Newspaper article
·         Publish a story online (Little Bird Tales)
·         Joke book
·         Cartoon
·         Script for Skits or Puppet Shows
·         Travel Log
·         Poetry
·         Math problem
·         Message on family chalkboard/message board
·         Year in review notebook (ongoing record of family’s life)
·         Story to give as a gift
·         E-mails
·         Book review
·         Prompts (pretend you are the 1st person to create a flying car)
·         Copy song lyrics, a poem, or a short book

·         Open mic night (read poems or stories that have been written)

Homework Routines

It may be the time to get back into effective homework routines.  It is common to slowly slip away from these about mid year.  It is even more important to maintain these routines at this time of year because of the workload.
  • Establish an after school routine
    • Snack & beverage
    • Homework
    • Studying
  • Electronics Rules
    • TV
    • Cell phones
    • Computer/ tablet
    • Limits and parameters
      • After homework is completed
      • Only for educational purposes
  • Homework Station
    • Necessary materials
    • Organized for easy access

(“Study Tips for Tweens” by DM Vollmer, October, 2016)