Monday, October 17, 2016

Master your Math Facts

Master your Math Facts
Here are 9 easy ways to practice those addition, subtraction, multiplication and/or division facts.  
When students know their math facts by heart, they have more brainpower to think about the actual mathematical processes and concepts being taught rather than spending time thinking about the fact computation.

Sing Skip Counting Songs

Mr. DeMaio -Youtube channel

Have Fun Teaching - skip counting songs for all digits

* skip counting is especially beneficial when memorizing multiplication facts
Stick Math Fact Post-its on the Bathroom Mirror
Use Flashcards
Revamp JENGA!

Rule of 5
Only start with 5 facts to focus on and add additional facts once those are mastered

Don’t focus on the clock
While the goal is to become fluent with math facts quickly, at home just practice without emphasizing the time
Use Online Practice Sites

(mobile app available)

Play Games

Online Game Sites

Practice In the Car
Your kids can’t get away while you’re driving! What better time to quiz them on their math facts? ;)

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