Thursday, January 21, 2016

PBIS - Own Your Actions

Our school theme 2nd quarter was "Own Your Actions."  Here are some tips and quotes to help foster accepting responsibility for one's actions: 

Moving From Excuses to Responsibility

1. Respond Calmly - creating an environment where mistakes are okay is healthy and will promote honesty.

2. Encourage Personal Responsibility - teach the difference between an explanation, which accepts responsibility and an excuse, which tends to blame. 

3. Teach Problem Solving Skills - help reflect on the various choices that one has in the moment.

4. Emphasize Learning from Mistakes - acknowledge honesty, connect their errors to different outcomes so they learn from this experience. 

5. Model - give examples of how you have learned from your mistakes and share the difficulties and benefits of accepting responsibility for your own actions. 

6. Apologize Please insert 3steps to an apology free poster/ picture from this website at the end.